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5 Facts about 5 HTP

1) What Is 5 HTP?
5 HTP is a naturally occuring amino acid (protein) found in foods that are necessary for the creation of serotonin. Serotonin is an important hormone that controls mood, sleep, energy, as well as anxiety and fear.

The higher the levels of serotonin in your body the better you feel. antidepressant medication and illegal drugs are used to create more serotonin, but you can also create serotonin in your body by taking natural 5-HTP supplements to make serotonin organically.

2) 5 HTP For Anxiety and Depression
Study after study done by universities and published on the Government’s national Institute of Health website show that people who take 5 HTP have reduced levels of anxiety and depression after consuming 5 HTP for just a few days.

People on health message boards have been raving about 5 HTP: “I can tell you from my experience that my long term moderate depression is thoroughly gone. How much of this is due to the placebo effect, I have no idea. but I noticed an improvement that was permanent. It definitely made me feel more “even keeled”, and naturally energetic and happy.

3) 5 HTP for Sleeping and Insomnia
imageThe brain needs regular serotonin levels for quality sleep. It is well known in the medical community that taking 5 HTP daily helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, helps you sleep longer and improves the quality of your sleep.

People who have trouble sleeping swear by 5 HTP: “It works as well or better than prescription drugs. Plus because its natural its not filled with gross additives”

4) 5 HTP is Safe
imageBecause 5 HTP naturally occurs in your body, consuming additional 5 HTP is generally safe. Not only that it helps your body function in a more healthy way. Television’s Dr. Oz notes that although 5 HTP is mostly safe, pregnant women should avoid taking it.

5) Where to Get 5 HTP
imageThe most effective way to consume 5 HTP, is to take daily capsules. Many products found over the internet contain caffeine and sugars. We found an excellent source that doesn’t contain any soy, gluten, artificial colors, sugar, or caffeine.

The best 5 HTP product on the market is 5 HTP Max

Simply take three 5 HTP MAX pills a day for maximum benefit. 5 HTP max is pure 5 HTP, and produced in the USA. Not only that, the provide a 90 Day money back guarantee. If you’re looking to improve your mood and sleep better, maybe even lose weight, you need to start taking 5 HTP Max.

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